Talk about a negative night. The reason why I stopped going out. I went today for my friends birthday to this place in the city. Met a good group of people. Two good groups of people that didn’t really care who I was but enjoyed a conversation with me instead. Everyone one else was very self driven like they were entitled to something. These people were the people hosting the event from the bartender or the DJ they felt like they were entitled to power – of course they were – we became slaves to there entertainment. We as people start to forget we are people- our subconscious minds build up egos and pride to help protect us from others to portray an image of what we want the world to see us as but we fail to see our selves as. God gave me a second chance at life not to escape it so I won’t look for escape mechanisms when going out or having fun. I really mean when I say we as people are going to laugh at ourselves in 200 years about the worry we bring upon our selves.

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When you think the flame is going to burn out, protect it because it has more fire to give. I love life. I'm going to stop asking for help and start posting what I really feel if you guys wants to join the journey feel free. taken back because one person heard my message. One person didn't tell me I'm sorry. One person understood my story and ran with it.

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