Don't take life for granted

A good moment can be turned bad so quickly. If you’re lucky enough to have a roof to live under, clean water to drink, have your health, have a family, friends, or any reason whatsoever to smile, then do it because there are people who don’t get a choice in the type of life they’re given. And chances are the ones that are complaining are much better off than those who are not. Learn to accept and love the cards that you’ve been dealt. Even when you can’t find good reason for them. Whether your living your life on a constant adventure, slaving yourself away at work, or from the inside of a hospital room – you get to breathe this air and you get to interact with people – something you can’t really do when you’re 6 feet under. You were chosen to be here for a reason, a purpose, and if you search deep enough, you will see that you have reasons for feeling lucky and blessed. In the points of life that you DO have control over, work hard to be where you want. And treat/congratulate yourself when you get there. Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done. -Anastasyia Guzchenko