Everything in life dies. Nothing is immortal not even earth. We live in a universe that is just one of many. I say all this because why is it that we get so caught up into things that are temporary? We make problems permanent to a world that isn’t. Imagine this: you are dying this very second but the angel of death gives you an option to return to this realm but with one exception- to feel each pain you caused yourself for all the little things you made permanent. You are robbing yourself from freedom and then capitalizing on the idea that we are victims to a world that stopped caring for us because we really stopped caring for it. We lost the sense of living. We are programmed to live for the now. It’s really upsetting seeing a world that is divided because of greed and personal growth.





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When you think the flame is going to burn out, protect it because it has more fire to give. I love life. I'm going to stop asking for help and start posting what I really feel if you guys wants to join the journey feel free. taken back because one person heard my message. One person didn't tell me I'm sorry. One person understood my story and ran with it.

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