Like yourself, not just the Facebook likes. Smile through hate and fuck what they say because everyone is going to die and not everyone is living. We all complain about the shit we want to fix but never do so. All I hear from people is you poor thing and the only thing running in my head is statements like that, that accuse a different way of thinking as wrong. Learn how to let go of shit and accept facts.





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When you think the flame is going to burn out, protect it because it has more fire to give. I love life. I'm going to stop asking for help and start posting what I really feel if you guys wants to join the journey feel free. taken back because one person heard my message. One person didn't tell me I'm sorry. One person understood my story and ran with it.

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  1. Kudos to u! Im a cancer survivor too. Now a doctor, I look back at days when people would stare at my bald head and masked face as if I was an alien .. Then came the side effects which left bruises and brown patches on whole body. Wasn’t easy at all but now its a blessing I’ve survived and can treat such miracles on my own. Alhamdulilah. 🙂

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